She seemed to recognize me, though she could only communicate it with her one working eye and the adorable smile on her lips. She was the last in a train of three wheelchairs being pushed by airport workers along the jet bridge to the gate. She didn’t need a wheelchair, though it may have been helpful for containment purposes. Her travel companions were two young boys – one from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa, and one from its northerly neighbor, Burkina Faso. The three of them met in Paris, France, along with their flight attendant escorts, and flew away from their families, across the Atlantic, to a world so familiar to me, yet foreign and uncomfortable to them.… Keep Reading

take heart


I use the heart emoji a lot, though not as much as one of my daughter’s friends who finishes every one of her texts with at least 28 hearts, 5 unicorns, and a rainbow. (I love her so much!)

I like hearts and what they represent – kindness, goodness, and of course … LOVE. I also like the shape of the heart – symmetrical, smooth, and full. I believe all our hearts started in that shape way back when, but over time, many have taken on a different form.

You’ve heard the many idioms that use the word “heart”. Take for instance the phrase “tug at your heart”.… Keep Reading

who’s that girl


With that title, I know all you 70’s babies are thinking … Madonna!!! So here’s the 1987 video. You’re welcome.

Anyways, back to the point … since the announcement of Ma’s return (today!!), I’ve gotten a handful of questions. Maybe two handfuls. But who’s counting? So I thought I’d answer a few of them.

Who’s that girl?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ma … and for those of you who have nodded your suspicious head … or given a skeptical thumbs-up … or looked dubiously at Pippa when she has said she has a younger sister … here’s the 411:

Ma is a near 5-year-old girl from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa, who has spent over 2 years of her short life with our family being treated for retinoblastoma, eye cancer.… Keep Reading

courageous love


I never thought of myself as an adrenaline junkie. I mean, I like adventure. But not the kind that puts you on a rock wall 100 feet up in the air without a harness. And not the kind that prompts you to attach a bungee cord to your ankles and jump off a bridge over a canyon. No, I like safe adventures. I want to see the cliffs, but not get too close to the edge. I want to fly, but in the relative safety of a metal tube with wings. And I’m quite alright watching the X games from the safety of my couch.… Keep Reading

the conclusion of lent



If you recall, these were the final words that the priest said to me on Ash Wednesday, the commencement of Lent:

Stay away from the chocolates.

As it turned out, I did not stay away from the chocolates over Lent. I never intended to. It might not actually be humanly possible for me. I have a massive sweet tooth. In fact, as I write, a small pile of M&M’s keeps me company – pastels, of course, in honor of Easter. I don’t eat them in handfuls … anymore. Instead, I place them on my tongue one at a time, sandwiching each miniature, candy-coated chocolate between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.… Keep Reading